Seize the day: Motherhood, femininity, nurturing…

By Marie Reyes

Medical Scientist, Generational Herbalist


What better time than May to explore the idea behind motherhood. For some, it is a painful time, because of those of us who no longer have our mothers. Or perhaps we never had a mother in our lives. With more people choosing not to have children, the idea of motherhood is a somewhat mysterious one. Something that we must recognize is that we “mother” or nurture in many different capacities. 


For some, it is our work. We are public servants working as teachers, nurses, doctors, therapists and in many other functions where our feminine energy serves us well. In buddhism, there is this idea that we should be kind to others because at one time everyone we come into contact with was at one point our “mother.”


No doubt the painstaking endless hours of dedication it takes to raise a child should be recognized and honored, we should not forget to honor all the roles in which we mother and mentor others in our lives. Sometimes, this can even come in the form of inspiration.


In the time of this quarantine, it’s more important than ever to explore the concept of supporting each other. A lot of people are gardening right now, that’s another form of nurturing and caring. These are the true ideas that come to mind when we think of mothers. There are many embodiments of these ideas in what we do every day as women. Be a mother; if not in the traditional sense, but in all the loving, caring, nurturing, sensual and amazing senses of the role.


Seize your femininity. Don’t compete, but collaborate. Inspire. Mentor. Nurture. Be an unstoppable force. 

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