We have an incredible community working behind the scenes to bring you the best products on the market!

Marie Reyes – R&D, Chief Innovative Officer, Founder La Bohemia Natural (Partner Botanik, Belle Ame)

Liliana Castro – Chemical Engineer, Collaborator (Belle Ame cosmetics)

Tray Niles, Ph.D – Chemist, Manufacturing/Production (Botanik ltd. company)

Collaborators Think Tank R&D:
Rubina Cohen, Marketing
Nadine Desormeaux, DOM
Todd LeCesne P.A.
John Mancini C.P.A
Robert Knitzer M.D.
Indigo Verton ( Yes Organic Boutique and Spa)
Eddie Lagarda (The Crew Cutz)
Eddie P. (The Crew Cutz)
Gehan Kaviratne M.E.
Michael Perrin M.E.
Dr. Jonathan Gralewski, M.D. (Molecular Pathology)

  • Maria Theresa
  • Adrienne Harvitz
    Marketing Strategist, Sales
  • Adrian Ortega
    Order Fulfillment, Sales
  • Sarah Lovato, P.A., Sales
  • Mary Gardner
    Sales, Writer, Ecommerce assistant
  • Kristie Quintana
    Sales Manager, Lab assistant
  • Mariah Candelaria
    B2B Sales, sales, lab tech
  • Shelley Barnett
    B2B Sales
  • Juanita Sandoval
    Research, Sales
  • Theresa Goldbach P.h.D.
  • Michael Perrin
    Research, Engineering

(more photos coming soon)