We have an incredible community working behind the scenes to bring you the best products on the market!

Marie Reyes B.S, B.S., M.A.T., B.M.E

R&D, Chief Innovative Officer, Founder La Bohemia Natural.  A trained medical scientist and engineer, Marie currently leads the pack as a project manager and leads the research and development team. She also helps with process development, formulation stability and analysis.

Dr. Adriana Ordoñez

A trained clinical physician, also trained in pharmacy, joins our team at La Bohemia Natural! She will be evaluating the safety and efficacy of products, helping with operations and manufacturing-and is fluent a Spanish speaker, and will lead our Spanish marketing collaboration and outreach! Welcome to the team Adriana! (Photo soon)

Dr. Tray Niles, Ph.D

Chief Scientific Officer. A trained physical chemist, Tray works with the research and development and process development of products. He perfects formulations and evaluates the stability of products. He currently leads manufacturing and production as well. He is also the founder of  Botanik ltd. company which produces health products currently sold on the market to help pain and other health concerns.

Rubina Khan

An established marketing expert of over 20 years, Rubina Khan lends her expertise and guidance and joins the La Bohemia Natural team! Rubina will be working closely with Marie and Adriana to launch our bilingual marketing program and outreach- and tell our story, mission and vision to the world. Welcome Rubina! (photo soon)


Collaborators Think Tank R&D:
Nadine Desormeaux, DOM
Todd LeCesne P.A. (Althera Health Clinic)
John Mancini C.P.A (Assurance laboratories)
Robert Knitzer M.D.
Indigo Verton ( Yes Organic Boutique and Spa)
Eddie Lagarda (The Crew Cutz)
Eddie P. (The Crew Cutz)
Gehan Kaviratne M.E.
Michael Perrin M.E. (Di-Maag Ltd.)
Dr. Jonathon Gralewski, D.O. (Molecular Pathology, the Mayo Clinic)

  • Maria Theresa
  • Adrienne Harvitz
    Marketing Strategist, Sales
  • Adrian Ortega
    Order Fulfillment, Sales
  • Sarah Lovato, P.A., Sales (Presbyterian Health Network)
  • Mary Gardner
    Sales, Writer, Ecommerce assistant
  • Kristie Quintana
    Sales Manager, Lab assistant
  • Mariah Candelaria
    B2B Sales, sales, lab tech
  • Shelley Barnett
    B2B Sales
  • Juanita Sandoval
    Research, Sales
  • Theresa Goldbach P.h.D.
  • Michael Perrin
    Research, Engineering

(more photos coming soon)