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This delightful pamper yourself bath soak will rock your world.

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Have you ever wanted to bathe in  a garden of flowers, inhaling all the scents and feeling the smooth petal texture on your skin? Well, know you can! This sea salt blend is a mind body amrosia that you can literally immerse yourself in. Aromatherapy and skincare supportive oils and flower essences coupled with the tension releasing properties of magnesium make this a recipe for the god or goddess in you... indulge!

Using magnesium sulfate (epsom) salts will not only relax your central nervous system to fight anxiety and stress, but also softens your skin and acts as a gentle exfoliant! Excellent for sore, tired muscles! This means YOU athletes and dancers!

Its pink! tinted with amazing mineral packed salt from the Himalayas and topped off with Rose petals, Lavender Flowers and High quality Lavender Essential Oil.

No synthetics here!



stress relief

nervous system support

whole body tension relief

sore muscle relief

Ingredients: Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate), Natural Sodium Bicarbonate, Natural Himalayan pink salt, Organic avocado oil, Organic Rose flowers, Pure steam distilled essential oil of Lavender

1. SCOOP 2 ounces (1/3 of jar) into warm bath as dosed 

2. allow to dissolve 

3. enter bath and enjoy!


*Cruelty Free
*Organic and or Natural ingredients
*ethically purchased, fair trade
*more environmentally friendly

Compare to top organic brands, we have better ingredients and less chemicals! Eminence, Pur , 100% pure, Korean, Bare Minerals and more!

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