French Lavender + Colloidal Silver Shea Butter Avocado Organic Soap 4oz | acne | eczema | psoriasis | sulfate free | no parabens


The exquisite aroma of Lavender is calming to the mind while soothing to irritated and/or sensitive skin.

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French Lavender + Colloidal Silver Shea Butter Avocado Organic Soap

Deeply soothing for the mind and any kind of inflammatory, dry or red skin, the magic of lavendar comes to life in the soap at the first lather. An exquisite aroma and formula, this soap is a dream come true for healing and supporting irritated and/or sensitive skin, cleansing and moisturizing face and body.

The exquisite aroma of Lavender is calming to the mind, while also soothing to irritated and/or sensitive skin. The oils of coconut, avocado, and olive blend beautifully  with beeswax and shea butter to perform double duty. Along with a little help from our good friend, colloidal silver, all of our soaps will effectively cleanse and moisturize your skin. Perfect for face and/or body. 

Our soaps mildly moisturize while they cleanse with 100% Natural and Organic Ingredients. The oils of coconut, avocado, and olive blend with mango and shea butter for optimized hydration of the skin. Colloidal silver offers anti-microbial properties and gives the soap an antibacterial  and antifungal impact effective in treating acne, blemishes, rashes, and fungal skin conditions. Lavendar calms inflammation and redness, supporting an even skin tone and healthy complexion.. 





Cystic acne

Skin Calming, 


Blemish clearing


Ingredients: olive oil*, coconut oil*, safflower oil*, shea butter*, avocado oil*,  castor seed oil*, sweet almond oil*, coco butter*, mango butter*,  argan oil*, jojoba oil*,  koalin clay, french lavender extract, vitamin E, natural oxides, colloidal silver, (organic*)

1.WET skin of face with water cupped in hands or a wet washcloth, placed on face and hold there for up to 20 seconds, to open poors and wet skin (water at a warm comfortable temparature).

2. LATHER soap on wet washcloth or into hands,

3. RUB  soap into skin in circular motions on whole face, avoiding eyes, with hands only or wish wash cloth to cleanse and exfoliate the skin. 

4. RINSE with water cupped in hands, or using wet was cloth (with all soap rinsed out first). How to rinse with washcloth: Place  warm, wet, soap free wash cloth on face and hold there for 5 seconds, thenwipe off, repeating until soap is gone. 

5. FOLLOW WITH TONER & MOISTURIZER TO COMPLETE YOUR REGIMEN: Follow with Rose Water Toner and Rose Oil Moisturizer, to complete the La Bohemia facial cleansing regimen. Can be done morning and night, or just one of the two depending on use of make-up, daily activities, and needs of your skin.


*Cruelty Free
*Organic and or Natural ingredients
*ethically purchased, fair trade
*more environmentally friendly

Compare to top organic brands, we have better ingredients and less chemicals! Eminence, Pur , 100% pure, Korean, Bare Minerals and more!

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Lavender bliss!

I bought this for my older daughter that LOVES all things Lavender! She combines it with her Rose Spray and Rose Oil. Her skin is looking lovely! And it smells amazing!

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