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Clear skin is exactly what you should expect by using our simple total skin care regimen! Great for normal skin but tough enough to help moderate to severe breakouts, redness and the appearance of fine lines!

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All products made hypoallergenic and compatible with sensitive skin!

Our clear skin trio features an easy 3 step cleansing and moisturizing regimen for all. Simply adjust your levels of use of each product for your skin type.

Comes with a cleansing face & body bar, a leave on toner that kills biofilms with colloidal silver and erases fine lines with hyaluronic acid, and a face oil with research backed hemp oil for its' anti-aging and super hyradting, collagen boosting properties! This oil also has solar defense from seed oils and the body bar fights redness, blemishes and breakouts.

Made in small batches, fresh every few weeks, by hand, by professional chemists and our founder, a biomedical scientist!

See details of each product below:


Use on dry or oily skin. Skinfood: PH perfect!

A simple and potent serum, starring the Avocado! Known for skin-toning and rejuvenating gifts. Rich in anti-oxidants, skin regenerating, plumping and soothing.

High in skin nourishing vitamin C from the Rosehip seed oil and which has the highest vitamin C content among all plant oils.

The scent is our El Cazador Woodsman perfumery (manly). Hints of Sandalwood, Douglas Fir, and Frankincense with top notes of lavender and citrus.

After washing skin with warm water, apply a few drops into your finger tips or a cotton ball and gently massage onto skin. Great for the face, eye area and neck. This quickly penetrating oil is perfect for both morning and evening application. Let dry before applying makeup or sun screen.

Use an extra amount at night for added hydration.

Contains: Rosehip seed oil*,  Coconut Oil*,  Avocado oil*, Argan oil*, Melaleuca*, Vitamin E (tocopherol), Woods blend, lavender extract, hyaluronic acid, Organic*


Breathe in as you wash your face and evoke the feeling of being deep in the forest. The lovely woods aroma will relax, soothe and balance your mind while it calms and rejuvenates your skin. Ideal for all genders, this earthy cleanser will take care of your skin and leave you smelling mountain fresh.

Detox, exofoliate, moisturize and cleanse all in one! Colloidal silver is known for it's detoxifying and anti-micorbial properties, resolving any fungal or bacterial imbalances on the skin. Castor oil is a deep moisturizer, as well as anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial as well. Tea tree is also among the strongest herbal antibacterial agents, and lavendar is known to calm and support any irritations of the skin. The synergy of this product provides deep hydration and cleansing, making it ideal for dry skin or those prone to bacterial or fungal infection.

Our soaps mildly moisturize while they cleanse with 100% Natural and Organic Ingredients.

Ingredients: olive oil*, coconut oil*, safflower oil*, shea butter*, avocado oil*, castor seed oil*, sweet almond oil*, coco butter*, mango butter*, argan oil*, jojoba oil*,bentonite clay, El Cazador plant based extract blend, vitamin E, activaed charcoal, colloidal silver, (organic*)   

1.WET skin of face with water cupped in hands or a wet washcloth, placed on face and hold there for up to 20 seconds, to open poors and wet skin (water at a warm comfortable temparature).

2. LATHER soap on wet washcloth or into hands,

3. RUB  soap into skin in circular motions on whole face, avoiding eyes, with hands only or wish wash cloth to cleanse and exfoliate the skin. 

4. RINSE with water cupped in hands, or using wet was cloth (with all soap rinsed out first). How to rinse with washcloth: Place  warm, wet, soap free wash cloth on face and hold there for 5 seconds, thenwipe off, repeating until soap is gone. 

5. FOLLOW WITH TONER & THEN MOISTURIZER TO COMPLETE YOUR REGIMEN: Follow with Toner applying with a clean wash cloth, gliding it over the face. 

6. Non-binary Serum, apply to clean hands or cotton pad soak pad or make a quarter sized pool of serum in your hand and rub all over the face and neck. Let soak in for at least 10 minutes without touching.

To complete the La Bohemia facial cleansing regimen. Can be done morning and night, or just one of the two depending on use of make-up, daily activities, and needs of your skin.


With evergreen forest scents and a wide reaching formula of high impact organic ingredients to address many skin types' issues, this non-binary toner and the accompanying products in the non-binary line are effective and inclusively designed to help folks of all bodies shine and love the skin their in! 

The spray itself is a natural toner with anti-bacterial properties which moisturizes and balances the PH of the skin. It fights free radicals and signs of aging while grounding with earthy evergreen aromatic tones. This spray combines hyaluronic acid, grapeseed, jojoba, immortal, and essential oils. It does not contain preservatives, harsh alcohols or solvents and is paraben free, animal testing free and made to order. This is a great way to battle aging, tough blemishes, mild to moderate acne and improve skin tone! 

1. SPRAY directly onto face from a distance of 6". Specific Applications:

May be applied after washing as a toner before moisturizer, at any time for moisturizing refreshment, or after applying make-up to set it. 

2. AFTER WASHING TONER, UNDER OIL: : If used as a toner or to base layer, wait for apporxiimately 30 seconds to allow toner to be absorbed by skin before applying oil or moisturizer. 

5. UNDER MAKE-UP: If under make-up, make sure both toner and oil are dry first. OVER MAKE-UP;If after make-up, simply spritze to set, and go! 




Skin Toning

Treat Acne

Treat Blemishes

All skin types


Ingredients: Pine Hydrosol, Natural fragrance blend, vitamin E, grapeseed oil, glycerin, jojoba oil, colloidal silver, hyaluronic acid

As always we are:

  • Cruelty Free
  • Non GMO
  • Organic and Natural
  • Fair Trade supplied
  • Ethical beekeeping friendly

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My husband loves it!

I bought the El Carazon Trio for my husband after he started using my face soap and moisturizer. He loves the scent and I think his skin is healtheir.

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I wished I had discovered this sooner!

I bought my mom and sister each some of La Bohemia Natural's soap. They raved about the soap and encouraged me to try it out. I bought this trio and have been using it for about a month. Not only is my skin clearer and softer, but washing and moisturizing my face is now a sensory experience of soothing aromas and luxurious textures. I'm a full-grown man but I had no idea what I had been missing! Can't recommend it enough!

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